Create a button

Read over the guidelines before creating your button.
By creating a button, you agree to the terms in the guidelines.

Using LINE Share buttons

The LINE Share button allows LINE users to easily share your web content with LINE friends.

Using official LINE icons

You can create custom share icons or use the official icons for the LINE Share button. To use the official icons provided by LINE, complete the steps below.

1. Set URL

  • Enter the URL of the site on which you wish to create a LINE Share button.

2. Customize your button

Button type
Share counter

3. Preview your button and copy its code

  • Add the following code to your website's DOM. This code will be called by the DOMContentLoaded event.
  • Make sure to paste it wherever you want to add the button.
  • If you paste the code multiple times to add more than one LINE Share button on a single page, make sure to only include the last script tag for the last button.
Button preview

Using custom icons

To create and use custom icons for the LINE Share button, complete the following steps.

1. Custom icons

  • To use a custom icon for your button, set the button's link using the guide below.
Link format{encodeURIComponent(URL)}
(Target link:

2. Calling the "LINE Share" button on dynamic websites

  • Once the DOM tree is constructed and content is produced on your site, call LineIt.loadButton() to enable the "LINE Share" button.
<script type="text/javascript">LineIt.loadButton();</script>

3. Share counter

  • You can track the number of shares by using a share counter.
  • Share count will only include the number of shares made using the LINE Social Plugin button.
HTTP request
Request parameters
The URL to get the share count for.

(For example:
Sample request
curl -X GET ''
Sample response
"share": 4173
Status codes
The request succeeded.
Bad Request
The request contains invalid parameters or values.
Internal Server Error
An internal server error occurred.

4. Design guidelines

  • Refer to the following official designs when creating custom icons.
  • The button image files are double-sized to fit Retina Display specifications.
Design Guide

Using Add friend buttons

This button lets visitors to your site add you as a friend on LINE.
You'll need your LINE official account ID for this button.
Only the default LINE icons are available for the Add friend buttons.

1. Enter LINE ID

  • Enter your official account ID.

2. Choose a button type

  • Select from the following three options. The advanced option shows the Add friend button along with your current friend count and a link to your official account profile.
Display number of friends and Home button link Display number of friends Only display "Add friend" button

3. Preview your button and copy its code

  • Make sure to paste it wherever you want to add the button.
Button preview