Can buttons be added for both PC and mobile pages?

Yes, the buttons work on both platforms. See the Create a button section.

What can be shared with a "LINE Share" button? Can it be used with images, video, or audio?

Only text can be shared. The button doesn't currently support images, video, or audio.

Can I use my own button graphic for a "LINE Share" button?

We recommend choosing your LINE Share button from the provided button types.
However, if you wish to create your own button, please go to the Create a button section.Create a button section.

Why did the text I sent through my "LINE Share" button get corrupted?

You may be using the wrong character encoding. Ensure that your string is percent-encoded in UTF-8.

What can't I share with a "LINE Share" button?

You may not use a "LINE Share" button to promote illicit products or services, excessively violent or adult content, or links to spam sites. See the guidelines for details.

Is there a character length limit to the text I can share with a "LINE Share" button?

You can share up to 2,500 characters.

Can anyone put an "Add friend" button on their site?

You'll need your LINE official account ID for this button.

Are there any instances in which the "Add friend" button won't add my account as a user's friend?

The "Add friend" button will not add the user as a friend if the user has blocked or hidden your account or if your account has reached its maximum number of friends.

Can I later delete friends who have added my account via a button?

Yes, but only via the LINE app.

When someone likes my account's post, who is the post shared with?

The post the user liked is shared on their Home and their friends' Timelines.

Can posts from my account liked by users be deleted?

Yes, these posts can be deleted on both the app and browser versions of Timeline.

Do you provide phone support?

We do not currently provide phone support. Please contact us through the inquiry form if you have any questions.